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Hannon Bell Collection Details
Hannon Bell began his lifelong dedication to the life and career of Elizabeth Taylor in 1963.

Today, almost 60 years later, he has amassed a fantastic, world renowned collection of over 20,000 photographs from literally around the world including 8X10 color and black & white glossies, stills, rare and/or never before published photos, very rare studio photos, magazine and newspaper photos, news clippings and more. Catalogued and compiled "encyclopedia style" in 100+ binders, the collection thoroughly documents Taylor's life and career.

Throughout the years, Elizabeth Taylor has acknowledged Bell's fabulous collection, as have her press agents, various writers and the press. Since 1973, it has been the subject of numerous newspaper and magazine articles.

In addition, Hannon Bell has appeared on TV shows and news segments to discuss the collection. Bell has been contacted by authors Kitty Kelly and C. David Heymann for his expertise and worked extensively with Heymann on his book, "Liz, an Intimate Biography of Elizabeth Taylor."

Hannon Bell has most undoubtedly created the largest and most unique personal collection on Elizabeth Taylor in the world by a private individual. Reputed to be the largest, it is definitely one of a kind, impossible to duplicate.

Now Hannon Bell 

has decided to offer what some have described as the

World's Largest 

Elizabeth Taylor Collection 

For Sale

From the sheer intensity of the methodically compiled photographs in the volumes of unerring accuracy, to the rare never-before published photos and the original Cleopatra script; this collection is mind-boggling. Of particular interest is the binder containing all original press clippings, letters and more the collection has garnered since 1973. This binder is a very important component to the validity of the collection as it substantiates its value and importance. Over the years, Taylor has acknowledged the collection and its creator, as have press agents John Springer and Chen Sam through a host of letters. Writers Kitty Kelly (Elizabeth Taylor, the Last Star) and C. David Heymann (Liz, An Intimate Biography of Elizabeth Taylor) with whom Bell worked with on his book, have sought out his expertise.

Also, in this binder are all the mentions Hannon and his collection have received in People, Life and Celebrity magazine articles and features from across Canada and the U.S.

Included is a series of videotapes on the collection via news and programs aired in Canada and the U.S. Also included is a video library of Taylor's work on film as well as a library of books written on Taylor and related subjects. Bell expands his dedication to his subject by including the three songs he wrote to Elizabeth Taylor. Winer of two lyric awards from the American Song Festival, Bell's up-tempo, romantic and jazzy song-writing techniques are evident as he tells an intelligent yarn of his passion to Taylor. Hannon Bell is not just a fan; he is the ultimate fan.

The Lavender Lady (1976), with its chorus, "she's the lady, oh yes, my passion, my passion, my passion" holds special meaning. And for good reason.

Sung to press agents John Springer and Chen Sam and sent to Taylor at the same time as the t-shirts "Hannon's Passion" were asked for by Taylor (1976/77), the naming of the perfume, Elizabeth Taylor's Passion launched ten years later is ironically familiar.

I'm a Fan (1982) about Hannon's experience of first seeing Taylor in person at the stage door of the Martin Beck theatre in NYC during the Little Foxes.

Love at the movies (1983), autobiographical account of being Taylor's super fan.

Hannon Bell has created a one of a kind and the World's Largest Collection on Elizabeth Taylor. C. David Heymann summed it up best when he personally wrote a dedication in his book, "A Woman Named Jackie", "To Hannon, who has the finest Elizabeth Taylor collection in the world." 1991 NYC


Hannon Bell Collection Highlights

Over 100 2" Binders (in chronological order) documenting the life and career of Elizabeth Taylor from infancy to present. Approximately 20,000photos, press clippings, programs, leters and more including a binder of all correspondence to Hannon Bell from press agents John Springer, Chen Sam, writers Kitty Kelly, C. David Heymann plus all original newspaper and magazine clippings written about Hannon Bell Collection.










Original CLEOPATRA script

Original  unpublished photos of Taylor shot by Hannon Bell in NYC in 1981

Very rare... A series of 14 - 11X14 date-stamped proof sheets taken on the set of CLEOPATRA - never published

Very rare... A selection of Elizabeth Taylor Feature magazines in excellent condition

Liz Taylor - Her Life, Her Loves, etc.

Liz, Debbie, Eddie

Screen Story - "CLEOPATRA"

Film Careers - Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor's Love Diary

Liz Taylor's Loves

Newsweek 1963 Cleopatra cover/article

Elizabeth Taylor - Portrait of a Legend

A Huge selection of magazines from around the world featuring Taylor on the cover or inside PLUS:

LOOK June 25/56, Oct 14/58, July 8/58, April 12/60, Feb 27/62, May 7/63, April 24/64

LIFE - Dec 18/56, June 10/66, Feb 24/67

McCALLS Jan/62

McLEANS Sept 4/65

PARIS MATCH Oct/56, July 58

LHJ Feb/54

Colliers Feb/56

POST June 1/63






Paris Match Cover



The Taming of the Shrew

The Little Foxes

Private Lives

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (studio program)

Original Unpublished songs by Hannon Bell

The Lavender Lady (acknowledged by Taylor)

I'm a Fan

Love at the Movies

(NOTE: ownership will be given to buyer)

Two Original t-shirts 1974 HANNON'S PASSION - ELIZABETH TAYLOR

Hannon's Passion - Cleopatra

NOTE: Requested by Taylor and believed to be the inspiration for the name of Taylor's perfume "PASSION."








Autographed Book - "A Woman Named Jackie" by C. David Heymann with a hand written inside, "To Hannon, who has the finest Elizabeth Taylor collection in the world." The book was sent as a gift while Bell worked with Heymann on his Taylor book.

Story of the filming of Raintree County

Flintstones Official Movie Book

Soundtrack Albums

Cleopatra (never opened)


The VIP's

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf

Elizabeth Taylor in London

Larry King Press Kit (sent to Bell after his

request to Mr. King) on his interview with Taylor

Press Kit - Between Friends

Small selection of extra stills  (various), lobby cards,

magazine covers (loose)

A large library of books on or regarding Elizabeth Taylor,

including E Happy Birthday Elizabeth (65th souvenir

party book - very rare. List available on request.

Framed published photos of Elizabeth Taylor

Candid c.1960

Cleopatra by Roddy McDowell

Framed poster - Nobody Makes Me Cry 1983

Cleopatra poster 1963

As Helen of Troy in Dr. Faustus 1968

Post cover of Taylor and Burton as Cleopatra and Antony

Framed Andy Warhol print of "LIZ" as Cleopatra

Elizabeth Taylor Plate and Stand

Video Library of Taylor films, interviews, etc.

Videotapes of Hannon Bell interviews/shows

re: Elizabeth Taylor

Miscellaneous Materials including:

Elizabeth Taylor 1991 calendar

2000 Calendar "Icons"

Liz Taylor rubber mask

Porcelain painted hanging mask of Elizabeth as Cleopatra

A large selection of loose photos and press clippings

Elizabeth Taylor Book Display cut-outs (promo material)

- Elizabeth Takes Off (2)

- The Last Star

- Liz - AN Intimate Biography

The Collection is to be sold in its entirety.

No part of this site including copy or photos may be reprinted without written permission. 

All enquiries should be addressed to Hannon Bell at 

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