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To purchase a copy of the brochure, please send US $25 to
Hannon Bell
2305-65 Swindon Way
Winnipeg, MB

R3P 0T8

Inquiries should be business-like and to the point. Serious inquiries only please. It is important to understand that replies will only be addressed if the following criteria are met. All e-mails must contain the writer's full name, postal address, daytime phone number and e-mail address. Inquiries regarding the sale of this property (The Collection) should be emailed to

Terms of Sale
This collection is to be sold in it's entirety. No exceptions.

Method of payment - certified money order, bank draft, etc. The payment must clear before collection is shipped. It is the responsibility of the buyer to arrange and pay for shipping. The seller will box the collection to assure safe delivery. The seller will answer any questions the buyer might have regarding the collection.

No part of this website, including copy or photos may be reprinted without written permission. All inquiries should be addressed to Hannon Bell at



All photos on this site are from the Hannon Bell Collection.

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