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"All for the Love of Liz"  Hannon's Passion - Elizabeth Taylor

In 1963, on a crisp November evening, 13-year-old Winnipeger

Hannon Bell went to see the film Cleopatra. The impact of that

evening at the movies transformed his world. From that moment on,

Hannon Bell began his lifelong interest and dedication to the life and

career of Elizabeth Taylor.

Today, almost 60 years later, the result of collecting, compiling and

cataloguing the world's most fantastic private collection of photographs

(over 20,000 in over 90 binders) documenting her life and her career.

"Hannon Bell has a fantastic collection of Taylor pictures."

   - John Springer, Press Agent to Elizabeth Taylor (to interviewer Gene Telpner in NYC May 1977

It travels photographically from 1932, the year of her birth to the present, stopping along the way to cover the decades of her life, family, friends, husbands, films and more in unerring accuracy.

"I compliment you on creating a collection of her photographs of such depth."

   - Aaron R. French (Taylor's lawyer) August 9, 1976

What Hannon has accomplished is short of phenomenal, producing a photographic anthology on the life and career of Elizabeth Taylor.

"To Hannon, who has the finest Elizabeth Taylor collection in the world."

   - C. David Heymann 1991 NYC (author of "A Woman Named Jackie" and "Liz, an Intimate Biography of Elizabeth Taylor"

Reputed to be the most unique, most comprehensive of its kind in the world, it is also the largest.

"Hannon Bell has the largest collection of Elizabeth Taylor pictures in the world."

   - The Toronto Sunday Sun April 1985

The press took notice and since 1973, articles have been written on his collection in major newspapers across Canada and the United States such as the Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun, The Vancouver Sun, the Winnipeg Free Press and the National Enquirer to name a few.

"Elizabeth Taylor is the Queen of Hollywood and Hannon Bell is her most loyal subject."

   - National Enquirer 1999

The collection has been noted in PEOPLE, LIFE and CELEBRITY. There have been acknowledgements and praise given from press agents John Springer and Chen Sam, writers Kitty Kelly and C. David Heymann. The collection and it's dedicated collector have made numerous appearances on TV and radio throughout Canada and the United States. This all attests to it being the finest and most comprehensive collection of photographs of Taylor in the world.

"Prodigious library of clippings, pictures and tapes you have amassed on the life and career of Elizabeth Taylor."

   - John Spring NYC

The Guinness Book of Records has called the collection "Wholly unique."

The collection is comprised of over 20,000 pieces gathered from many, many sources from all over the world. There are many rare and beautiful black and white studio photos, color glossies, studio programs, newspaper clippings, magazine covers, posters, letters and more. There are rare and never before published photos and original date-stamped photographic proof sheets taken on the set of Cleopatra.

In one of the two Henry Wynberg binders, there is a rare published photo taken in Russia of Elizabeth Taylor without makeup. Also in the collection are rare studio costume stills, which form an integral part of the binder "Cleopatra - On the Set."

Of the three volumes covering the 50's, two are dedicated to the famous glamour portraits shot during the era.

A look into the actress as an actress is found in the binder "the Little Foxes."

Rare shots of Elizabeth making up in a mirror show yet another side of her persona as do Hannon Bell's own photos taken of Elizabeth during the Little Foxes run in New York City.

"Coy, sultry, seductive, sexy, matronly, vulgar, gorgeous and regal are all terms that describe the photographic deliciousness of Elizabeth Taylor at one time or another."

   - Hannon Bell - Life Magazine 1982 (on her 50th birthday

A very touching and tender letter to Hannon Bell from Chen Sam in the binder on Richard Burton's death forms a personal component of this remarkable collection.

Important to the validity and history of the collection is the Press binder housing all original press clippings written about the collection, as well as all original letters from John Springer, Chen Sam, Kitty Kelly, C. David Heymann, People Magazine and others, all in chronological order.

"Passion for Liz."

   - Vancouver Sun, June 6,/95.

"Your fascinating pursuit."

   - Kitty Kelly, 1982, author of "The Last Stand" (Taylor) and "My Way" (Sinatra)

"How in the world did you get that many (photos)?"

   - Gwin Tate May/91

And there's more... an original 1961 Cleopatra script with its type-written pages to its unique insertion notes from director Joseph L. Mankiewicz.

There is an exhaustive video film library of Taylor's work. The collection also includes a significant library of non-fiction books written by various authors on the many fascinating aspects of the life and times of Elizabeth Taylor.

After working closely with author C. David Heymann, Hannon Bell was given credit in the chapter notes and acknowledgement in Heymann's biography of Taylor, "An Intimate Biography of Elizabeth Taylor." Mr. Heymann autographed a note in his book "A Woman Named Jackie" which he sent to Hannon while working with him on his book, "To Hannon, who has the finest Elizabeth Taylor collection in the world."

The collection in its entirety is mind-boggling.

"Miss Taylor was astounded by your collection."

   - Chen Sam, July 27/76 personal aide and press agent to Elizabeth Taylor.

The Hannon Bell collection holds many firsts. People Magazine gave Mr. Bell the distinction of being the first to comment on the first People cover of Elizabeth Taylor.

His T-shirt "HANNON'S PASSION - ELIZABETH TAYLOR" was noticed by Taylor in a 1976 magazine article and she requested it be sent to her. It is widely thought by many to be the inspiration for the naming of Elizabeth Taylor's "Passion" perfume, launched a decade later.

"A Man and his Passion."

   - copy from "Passion" print ad

Winner of two lyric awards from the American Song Festival, Hannon Bell has written three songs about Elizabeth Taylor... The Lavender Lady, Love at the Movies and I'm a Fan.

In 1976, Bell sang The Lavender Lady to press agents John Springer and Chen Sam and a copy was sent to Taylor.

The Lavender Lady has a chorus of, "She's the lady, oh yes, the Lavender Lady, the Lady, oh yes, my passion, my passion, my passion." The reference to "passion" in the song along with the t-shirts labeled "HANNON'S PASSION - ELIZABETH TAYLOR", it is easy to see why this may have influenced the naming of her now-famous perfume, Elizabeth Taylor's "Passion."

"I'm a Fan" speaks of Hannon's first sighting of Elizabeth Taylor in person at the stage door in 1981 during "The Little Foxes" run in New York. She had just returned to the show that night after an absence due to illness.

"Love at the Movies" is an autobiographical account of how a 13-year-old boy, Hannon, who was smitten by Elizabeth Taylor, began the collection as a hobby which quickly got out of control with wonderful consequences.

"Taylor Fan,,, He's the Ultimate."

   - Winnipeg Free Press May 26, 1977

Elizabeth Taylor's staying power and tenacity are more than legendary. Her place in Hollywood history is a phenomenon of unequaled precedence.

"I have her whole life on file - the Highs, Lows, tragedies and Triumphs."

   - Hannon Bell

Elizabeth Taylor, often referred to as "the most beautiful woman in the world," stared in the most expensive film ever made, Cleopatra. She was the first to command get the unheard of salary of one million dollars (the most ever paid to an actor up to that point) while her co-star Burton earned $250,000 for his contribution to the film.

Hannon Bell has compiled the most unique and fabulous collection of photographs and related material on Elizabeth Taylor.

"He's a Wiz on Liz - Liz Taylor's Biggest Fan."

   - Toronto Sunday Sun August 4/85

Almost 60 years of intense and dedicated work, Hannon Bell is now prepared to offer for sale this magnificent, one-of-a-kind collection in it's entirety.

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